Client: Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Former Honeywell Turbo Technologies Facility

Date: 2008 – Present

Provided strategic support during site acquisition negotiations and implemented a cost-effective and thorough field soil sampling program that protected the client from future potential liabilities associated with previously undiscovered contamination.

In 2008, BEC provided due diligence and strategic environmental support to Torrance Memorial Medical Center (TMMC) as they negotiated the purchase of a 15.8 acre of the Former Honeywell Turbo Technologies (Honeywell) facility in Torrance, California. Part of these negotiations included time clauses for Honeywell’s shallow and deep soil, and groundwater indemnifications.

In early 2012, as TMMC proceeded with Site development activities, BEC‘s strategic field soil sampling program discovered 62 areas of concern (AOCs) for shallow soil contamination. Issues of concern included PCBs, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and petroleum hydrocarbons. In addition, BEC’s field monitoring program also discovered several previously unidentified pipelines, an underground storage tank and an improperly abandoned water production well.

This was a significant development for the client and Honeywell, as the Site had already received a No Further Action (NFA) for the shallow soils from the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). As the time limit associated with Honeywell’s indemnity had not been exceed-ed, Honeywell was required to implement additional response activities that included the removal of approximately 2,850 cubic yards of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

BEC’s strategic environmental support during due diligence and practical and thorough field monitoring and soil sampling program, resulted in evoking the seller’s indemnification clause for shallow soil. This allowed the client to avoid potential future liabilities associated with the previously unidentified impacted soil and subsurface structures.

The Site has been developed as a surface parking lot that services the adjacent hospital, and BEC continues to provide oversight for ongoing investigations and clean-up efforts associated with the deeper soil and groundwater.