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Property Redevelopment/Brownfields

BEC provides a wide range of services to support property redevelopment. These services range from conducting an All Appropriate Inquirers (AAI) Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to qualify our clients for the innocent landowner’s exemption from CERCLA liability, to full scale remedial implementation in support of redevelopment. For example projects, please go the “Projects” tab.

Litigation Support

Senior professional’s at BEC have provided declarations, depositions and testomony as fact and/or expert based witnesses in support of cost recovery claims, and in defense of claims brought against our clients by third parties and/or special-interest groups. We have also provided technical and expert support during non-binding arbitration and court-monitored mediation settlement proceedings. In addition, BEC professionals have served as the technical support lead for groups of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) in Federal and State lead Superfund programs. For example projects, please go the “Projects” tab.

Site Investigation and Remediation

BEC provides a wide range of site investigation support services, including the implementation of multi-media (soil, soil gas, and groundwater) sampling programs, the projection of remedial costs over time to support reserve estimates, risk evaluations and support of public participation efforts. In addition, professionals at BEC are familiar with implementing a wide range of innovative remedial applications including , soil vapor extraction, enhanced bioremediation, chemical oxidation/reduction, chemical stabilization, and monitored natural attenuation programs. For example projects, please go the “Projects” tab.

Groundwater Quality Studies

BEC specializes in the rapid assessment of groundwater impacts by combining an understanding of the hydrogeologic environment and potential receptors with site-specific, focused data collection programs. Understanding the regional/sub-regional basin conditions allows us to target data collection and to understand the actual risks involved with groundwater impacts. BEC utilizes data visualization tools to allow the conditions to be clearly and quickly understood by both technical experts and other decision makers involved in the overall process. For example projects, please go the “Projects” tab.