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Client Testimonial – Continental Development Corporation

By March 22, 2022Uncategorized

BEC has provided due diligence and strategic remedial planning support in association with Continental Development Corporation/Mar Ventures’ acquisition of a 14-acre Raytheon Company property in El Segundo which will be redeveloped as the new headquarters and practice facilities for the Los Angeles Chargers. On December 7, 2021, Alex Rose, Executive Vice President, Development at Continental Development Corporation (CDC) had the following comments with respect to the work done by BEC and the rest of the acquisition and development team:

“For those who did see the City Council discussions, you should have a sense of the power and impact of commitment to community and doing the right thing and doing so over a sustained period of time. All of that is a testament to the amazing group of people who worked to make this happen. It was the collective effort over the past two years on this transaction and the many years working in this community that made last night’s approval happen. While CDC may have been the tip of the spear on the most visible aspects of the process, the spear does not fly or land but for each and every one of the teams’ contributions to the effort. We thank you for creating companies and cultures that helped us reach this important milestone.

Well done all; long way to go; confident that we’ll get there because of all of you. Humbly grateful.”