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Property Redevelopment

  • Implementeda RCRA Corrective Action program for a former microprocessor manufacturer in Orange County, California. Activities included facility decommissioning, soil, soil gas and groundwater investigations, planning and implementation of Interim Measures and the implementation of a RCRA Facility Investigation Program. BEC professionals sserved as key client and agency contact throughout all phases of the project, from Consent Agreement negotiation to remedial implementation.
  • Assisted major Southern California landowner in cleanup and sale of 30-acre parcel to Legacy Partners for development of multi-tenant industrial/commercial park. Cleanup program involved removal of lead, petroleum hydrocarbons, and VOCs on accelerated basis to meet terms of sale.
  • Managed implementation of excavation and ex situ soil vapor extraction program that involved 1,200 cubic yards of gasoline-affected soil at former underground storage tank site. Completed remedial program within 2-month time-frame and adhered to Caltrans-specified schedule. Conducted project work for Penske Truck Leasing Company.
  • Implemented an acceleratedcleanup program at prime, 8-acre commercial real estate property (former Hone Junction site) in Santa Monica, CA. Identified several areas of concern based on results of investigation. Implemented remedial procedures to address halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbon removal. Completed ex and in situ vapor extraction, and obtained closure from Los Angeles RWQCB in 1-year time frame. Client met obligations of escrow, and purchase was completed.
  • Planned, supervised, and managed subsurface investigation at former landfill area for commercial development corporation in Torrance, CA. Converted area into high-rise office complex with attached parking and landscaped grounds.
  • Implemented investigation and clean up of a former railroad and bulk chemical storage facility in Long Beach California. The site was impacted with xylene, chlorinated hydrocarbons, arsenic, lead and Transmix (a mid-range hydrocarbon distillate). A risk assessment was performed and remedial procedures included, excavation and off-site disposal, in situ heat enhanced vapor extraction, and capping as part of a Soils Management Plan. The property was sold to the City of Long Beach based on the results of these efforts.

Litigation Support

  • Prepared a declaration providing an expert opinion for on-going litigation in 2008 regarding the appropriate level of oversight by an environmental consultant working on behalf of a third party land owner that was not directly involved, or financially responsible, for ongoing clean- up activities. The consulting, and outside council costs for the third party land owner were being paid by the work party per a finalized Stipulated Judgment. In developing the expert opinion, Mr. Bowyer drew upon extensive experience in directing and overseeing clean-up activities for both working and non-working parties.
  • Technical representative for a di minimis group of PRPs in cash-out negotiations with working parties within high-profile Southern California Superfund site. Based on convincing technical arguments, di minimis group successfully negotiated favorable settlement with no reopeners for future inter-basin allocations or emerging chemicals.
  • Managed high-priority hydrocarbon investigation and cleanup program for ARCO Products Company. Project included negotiations and settlements with three other major oil companies. Negotiated and coordinated activities that involved other major oil companies and Orange County Health Care Agency.
  • Managed investigation program of former dry cleaning facility in Westminster, California,for one of several PRPs. Program responded to Cleanup and Abatement Order issued by RWQCB.
  • Represented major transportation firm as one of 20 PRPs at El Monte Operable Unit of San Gabriel Valley Superfund site, CA. Based on effort, client significantly influenced PRP group’s decision-making process and reduced its potential share of financial liability.
  • Represented confidential client in CERCLA cost recovery claim against neighboring facilities. Demonstrated that VOC and petroleum hydrocarbon impacts were result of releases from neighboring sites. Based, in part on strength of technical arguments, out-of-cost settlement was reached with representatives of neighboring facilities.
  • Managed investigation and remediation program that involved former wood treatment dip tank in Los Alamitos, CA. Soil and ground water beneath tank impacted with pentachlorophenols. Developed and used total costs for remedial effort by client and outside council to support cost recovery efforts from past property lessees.
  • Technical lead for major transportation firm in non-binding arbitration associated with allocation of remedy costs for Puente Valley Operable Unit of San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site. Three-dimensional visualization software and ground water flow modeling was used to demonstrate that impacts to client’s site resulted from DNAPL released from up-gradient facility.
  • Provided expert declaration and trial testimony in a cost recovery claim between Gould Electronics and Navcom Defense Industries involving the degree to which the Navcom site had impacted the South EL Monte Operable Unit. Testimony documented the primary nature of Navcom’s impacts to the area and to the operating groundwater supply wells. Based in part on this testimony, Gould, who had assumed a Work Party role, was able to recover singnificant clean-up costs from Navcom.

Site Investigation and Remediation Services

  • Obtained soil closure, from the Los Angeles RWQCB, of a high-value 5-acre former industrial property in West Los Angeles, California in 2008. The property was impacted with VOCs including tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE). A soil vapor extraction system was designed and operated that reduced soil and soil vapor concentrations to less than conservative screening criteria. As a result of these efforts, the RWQCB issued closure without any land use restrictions.
  • Participated in site investigation and remediation program at major oil refinery in Southern California. Program included soil and ground water investigation using direct-push methods, hollow-stem auger, and mud rotary drilling; monitoring well installation and sampling; free product recovery system operation and maintenance (O&M); ground water extraction well O&M; soil vapor sampling and risk evaluation; multiphase extraction pilot testing; bench-testing, remedial design, and field pilot testing for in situ soil and ground water treatment project; implementation of programs for managing safety, health, and environmental risks; development of regulatory correspondence summary cataloging nearly 2,000 documents and associated regulatory requirements/ commitments dating back to 1979; interaction with RWQCB, DTSC, and USEPA; and preparation / technical review of written deliverables (proposals, workplans, and reports).
  • Participated in the investigation and clean-up of numerous railroad properties for Union Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR) projects ithroughout Southern California, including Taylor Yard, Colton Yard, San Bernardino Yard, Cornfield Yard, Home Junction, and Long Beach Yard. Worked with UPRR project managers to define scope of work, assigned appropriate staff, reviewed all significant deliverables, and negotiated with regulatory agencies.
  • Developed interim remedial measure in conjunction with outside counsel for removal of 3,000 cubic yards of PCB- and VOC-impacted soil at Superfund site in Marina Del Rey area of Los Angeles, CA. Developed risk-based corrective action (RBCA) strategy to eliminate primary source of contamination followed by evaluation of residual site risks.
  • Designed and implemented on-site remedial action program to address RCRA waste associated with former metal recycler in Los Angeles, California. The facility had been abandoned with 5,000 tons of auto-shredder waste (containing high levels of extractable lead, zinc, copper, and petroleum hydrocarbons) left on site. Stabilized on-site metals and transported and disposed of material as non-regulated waste. Saved client $1 million.
  • Managed hydrocarbon remediation program that included designing, permitting, installing, and operating vapor extraction and off-gas treatment system in Los Angeles, CA. Off-gas treatment methodology consisted of regenerative thermal oxidation system, which was not previously permitted for use by South Coast Air Quality Management District by City of Los Angeles Fire Department. Performed work for client in oil and gas industry.
  • Developed and implemented in situ bioremediation program that incorporated various methodologies for monitoring enhanced biodegradation process to clean up soil and ground water affected by diesel fuel oil at Penske Truck Leasing facility in City of Industry, California.
  • Evaluated in and ex situ vapor extraction, excavation, bioremediation, and landfilling remedial options for gasoline and diesel spills affecting vadose zone at various sites in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties, California. Presented and contrasted total costs, long-term liability factors, and disruption of ongoing site operations on site-by-site basis for each proposed remedial action.
  • Obtained regulatory approval and implemented removal action at California Bond Expenditure Plan Superfund site for Southern Pacific Transportation Company. Recycled 20,000 tons of lead-impacted soil.
  • Managed preliminary endangerment assessment for PCB-impacted site at former electric power generating facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. DTSC accepted preliminary endangerment assessment results with minimal comments.

Groundwater Quality Studies

  • Managed Charnock Initial Regional Response Activities (CIRRA) on behalf of multi-party group (including ARCO, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Tosco, Unocal, and others) in response to Participation and Cooperation Orders issued by USEPA and RWQCB. Task completed involved evaluating and commenting on regional ground water model, developing of conceptual approach for focused remedial program to address MtBE, and development of Aquifer Test Workplan.
  • Performed technical and managerial oversight for 250-acre railroad facility within San Gabriel Valley Federal National Priority List (NPL) site study area.
  • Participated in extensive multi-aquifer test program that utilized 140 wells for major semiconductor manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, CA. Performed test as part of ground water modeling program designed to quantify client’s contribution to contaminant plume.
  • Designed and implemented pneumatic fracturing and air sparging system to remove residual and dissolved phase hydrocarbons from ground water and semi permeable underlying shale units. System operation resulted in reduced subsurface hydrocarbons; completed closure application. Performed work for client in oil and gas industry.
  • Designed free product recovery system at site near Los Angeles International Airport, CA, for client in oil and gas industry. System recovered product from numerous wells without affecting hydraulic gradients in area that may have resulted in further site contamination.
  • Performed technical quality control/quality assurance of RI/FS program for California Superfund site within study area of Pollock Well Field, Federal NPL site.