Brett Bowyer, PG

Mr. Bowyer, is the co-founder and President of Bowyer Environmental Consulting, Inc. (BEC). He has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field with a focus on subsurface soil and groundwater investigation and remediation. He has a proven track record for practical innovation and achievement with respect to obtaining no further action (NFA) and site closure from EPA, DTSC, RWQCB and local (city and County) agencies. Mr. Bowyer has successfully implemented programs for a diverse set of client sectors including oil and gas, chemical, electronics/semiconductors, aerospace, land development, food processing, transportation, banking/insurance, entertainment and metal fabrication. His work has involved the investigation and cleanup of VOCs, metals (including hexavalent chromium), PCBs, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons and emerging chemicals, such as perchlorates and PFCs. He is an expert at strategic planning and agency negotiation and has served as the technical lead for several large scale multi-party investigation/remediation programs. Mr. Bowyer has also served as an Expert Witness for several complex and high profile litigation cases.

 Danny Dolan, M.S.

Mr. Dolan, has a Master’s degree in Geology from California State University, Long Beach and two and a half years of environmental experience at BEC.  He has implemented soil, soil vapor and groundwater investigations, and has contributed to the design, installation and operation of vapor extraction systems and chemical injection programs.  Mr. Dolan also has a diverse skill set including GIS, Adobe Illustrator, plume modeling, digital contouring (Surfer), groundwater transport and technical writing.



Thomas Inada, EIT

Mr. Inada, has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.  He joined BEC in 2017 and currently serves as a Staff Engineer.  Mr. Inada, has implemented soil, soil vapor and groundwater investigations, and has overseen construction of vapor extraction programs and automated chemical injection systems.  He has also participated in hands-on operations and maintenance, and data analysis for remediation systems.  Mr. Inada also has skill sets in AutoCAD, GIS, and data management utilizing Microsoft Excel and Access.